Some General Guidelines
  • All data input in each link by requires approval by site administrators before being viewed on the website
  • Your profile in the "Family" link may be updated by the individual family member once the original input has been approved
  • Your profile can be updated at any time by clicking on the "edit profile" button. You will be prompted to request a username and password that will be sent to the email address that you provide. Please keep this password handy as it is required for future profile updates
  • Refresh your screen and click the "edit profile" button again. Enter your username and password and complete your changes.
  • In order to build a database network of all the Crump family members, we're asking that adult members please add a profile in the "Family" link for children and any family member(s) that may not be computer savvy. Also, please pass along any information that you may have to help complete the "Crump Family Tree" section. Dates, pictures and any pertinent data to the individual is greatly appreciated.